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If you're like us, then you're obsessed with everything and anything relating to the Sims 2. In our travels over the net, we have exchanges tons of information and links to our favorites and we decided to go ahead and share them with you. We search the net for the best FREE Sims 2 stuff, so you don't have to. Enjoy!

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Turbulence 2 Trailer

I have been patiently waiting for part 2 of this series to come out and was exstatic when I found out that JPRO released a trailer for part 2! Check out Turbulence 2!!! It's a personal favorite around these parts! As usual I suggest you watch it in High Resolution.

JPRO's Site:

Sex & The City: Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

I recently stumbled across an excellent replica of Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment for my Sims 2 peeps and had to share this find. Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows and I always loved Carried apartment, especially her bedroom and closets. So when I found this I was too excited!

I had been looking for certain items from her apartment and Alban over at Summer Afternoon had everything I was looking for! Check it out!

Note: The sets can be found under Living room page 3, Bedroom page 2, Bathroom page 1, and other page 1...I hate having to go on scavenger hunts when I get those furniture shopping lists and they don't tell you where to look. I can't tell you how many houses or recolours I have that are that funky blue color cause I was unable to find the original meshes. If you need help finding anything, just let us know and we will be more than happy to help ya out!

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
Carrie Bradshaw Apartment
Carrie Bradshaw ApartmentCarrie Bradshaw ApartmentCarrie Bradshaw ApartmentCarrie Bradshaw ApartmentCarrie Bradshaw Apartment

Sims 2 Finds

The Design Loft (Site no longer exists...Will have to do some searching around various forums)

Leyris bathroom - Red Recolor

Lirunchik's Delease Lounge

Habitat43: Modern Baroque Bedroom (Site No Longer Exists..will have to find this set over at "Booty")

Maryliyn Monroe: Sims 2 Finds

Serenity Sims(Site Is Closing Soon!)

Sims 2 Movie: Ruska

So while I was browsing the net last night I came upon the most incredible Sims 2 movie. The animation and the way the video is shot...I couldn't believe that it was a Sims 2 film at first. The storyline in awesome as well. Has anyone else seen it? I'm reeling right now hoping someone else saw it. If not you can check it out below. I also posted some other links as well, but I would HIGHLY suggest watching this in high quality.

Ruska from Nils Berg on Vimeo.

Video Source:

(High Quality)

Thanks Miranda...You always send me good links!

Sims 2 Finds

All About Style: Male Fall Fashions

All About Style has a fresh fall look for the fellas. This collection is a must have!

Fresh Prince Creations: Incredible Vehicles & Objects

I had just happened upon this site and must say that he has THE BEST Sims 2 collection of vehicles. They are top quality and offer a great range in models. He also has quite a few other items such as a chandelier that I have been looking for! The Fresh Price Creations is a definite must visit.

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